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This site provides new scans (or better copies of exiting content) of books/magazines etc thanks largely to the efforts of Kiwi who created and has kept the site running since 2011, and a small contingent of members who along with himself, have over the years scanned and made available nearly 5000 items in PDF format.

Unfortunately, it costs no small amount to maintain the website, purchase file hosting to accommodate nearly 2TB of files, acquire new magazine content and the consumables necessary to keep our Fujitsu scanners in working order. Over the years we tried to rely on donations to negate some of the impact of those costs all the while making our scans available to the public for free. Sadly, donations were almost non-existent during that time while we accrued in excess of 250,000 downloads as people clearly had little desire to contribute towards the site when they could get everything for nothing. This included sites like who happily leeched every file we had and didn't even have the gratitude to acknowledge where they obtained the files from. As a result of this you must now be a member to download most content on this site. 

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1. Donate $20.00 or more via PAYPAL using the facility below
2. Create an account on OGM via the Login page using your PAYPAL email address
3. Send an email confirming your donation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with your preferred username/password

Upon validating your donation your account will be created and you will have ability to download almost all of the files available here. The minimum donation has been set at $5 due to PAYPAL fee's and because that is around the price of one digital magazine from the likes of Future Publishing so that we can purchase one to add to our collection (even if we cannot make them available straight away).

Site Rules

1. Do not use profanity etc if posting in the forums. Politeness is just a much nicer way of living. Everyone has different opinions and I believe you all have the right to express them in a civil and constructive manner however, personal attacks on others or using crass language will not be tolerated and you will be banned.

2. Do not post any files from this site on other websites. Having site membership is a way to encourage people genuinely interested in seeing the site prosper and assisting towards making this site a great place to be a member  of. Making our content available elsewhere invalidates this and will result in this site being closed to all but scanning members ONLY!!!

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