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7 months 4 weeks ago #2363 by modgeezer
HDRetrovision cables was created by modgeezer
I was thinking about getting a Mister but decided I really wanted to stick to the actual hardware when possible. I just got component cables for my Genesis and it looks and sounds amazing on my CRT. If anyone was on the fence about these they are really high quality cables and there is even a 3.5 input on the cable so you can get stereo sound if you have a model one genesis. I did need to purchase a separate adapter because the cables are only made for model 2's without an adapter. On the plus side i was able to get an adapter for my saturn and the cables will work with the Super SD System 3 for the pc-engine which i ordered. They also have adapters for Neo Geo and PS1. I plan on getting the component cables for my Snes also and then doing a RGB mod on my N64 and famicom.

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