Public Service Announcement!!

2 months 3 days ago #2823 by Kiwi
I have now migrated everyone who has logged into this website in 2021 onto the new website.

The remainder, some 80 people, have not logged in this year or in some cases not since 2019. I want to get back to adding new and existing content onto the new platform therefore existing users on this site who have NOT received their credentials will need to create them on the new site themselves with their existing email address/username and email me. After confirmation I will activate them.

Once all existing content has been migrated the download section here will be deactivated.
From this point on members should also start using the forums on the new platform which is much better for tracking new posts etc.

If you are a visitor to this website you should check out the download section here as soon as possible to determine whether the content is worth signing up for as the new platform will not display anything but free content to non-members.

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